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David Bowie and his farewell – Blackstar

by Gianmarco Capitano

The end of a career , the end of a life . David Bowie greeted his public with a fantastic album , Blackstar , diving into something more experimental and psichedelic , something completly different , from the 10 minutes long title track up to the blend of what is and what was , like “’tis a pity she was a whore”.
But I wanted to spend few lines on Lazarus. Everybody knows that music is about feelings and this song always brings me to tears. Released just before his death , Lazarus seems to be a forecast. Bowie had seen what would happen to him , he was striving to live perhaps and he decided to make a song out of his situation and give it to us as a gift , one of the greatest gift he could give us. And we thank him and we greet him as well.
“I’m in heaven”.


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