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Opeth and the new direction – Sorceress

by Gianmarco Capitano

Groups always want to renew themselves but changes are not always appreciated , above all if you were one of the pioneers of a certain genre. This is exactly what happened to Opeth. The release of their latest album Sorceress saw a lot of different reactions and a shared shout “Where have all the growls gone ?” .

The band just decided to evolve and if they decided to part ways with that kind of technique , we can only be glad that this permitted them to keep on playing.

The album sees a clear bending towards classic progressive rock , keeping folk elements , some bluesy bits and a more modern component.

A scent of memories and long for a lost world in “Will o the wisp ” , a kind of medieval tone , a darker and more aggressive melody in “The Wilde Flowers” , fantastic keyboards in the title track “Sorceress” and others , including the 9 minutes long fantastic “Strange Brew”.

We can only see a great album and we can only love everything Opeth does.

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