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Elio e Le Storie Tese live in London

by Ilaria Rapalino

Elio e Le Storie Tese (Elio and the troubled stories) definitely hit the O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire’s stage yesterday night 11 March 2017 with a enthusiastic crowd of Italian fans..or “cervelli in fuga” (brain drain) as mentioned from the leader Stefano Belisari, better known as Elio, who shows wearing a white vest and a curly wig in full “uomo rude”s style.
The band from Milan formed in 1980 was very acclaimed from all the young Italian generation expatriated in UK, for study or work, all reunited to see the band here for the “anti-Brexit” gig in London, not by chance the European tour name is YES, WE CAN’T, in order to “implore” the exit of the city of Brescia from Lombardia.
It’s been long time I did not see such an enthusiasm and at the same time listen to a very well played music with all the representation of that unique humour made in Italy which I really miss. It was also exciting to hear all people singing and laughing from all the corners of the beautiful theatre in Shepherd’s Bush, regardless wasn’t the first time for me in this venue, I never had the same feeling and happiness as yesterday.

For two hours I felt like I wasn’t far from home anymore and surrounded of people like me, who love music and in particular Italian music as Elio e le Storie Tese. Something we will never forget about our generation and because we still belong to that overseas country also called “Bel paese”.
Joy and laughs, the only two words I like to describe the event of yesterday with. As Elio said, let’s teach to English people how “fare il trenino” in English is the “Play choo-choo train”. So of course people from the upper floor of the theatre started to dance choo-choo train during “Discomusic”. Definitely awesome.

Then suddenly, and probably was not even planned, the vocalist “under antibiotics” starts singing “Heidi” the theme song from the homonym cartoon and all people following her to commemorate another our generation’s memory. All the “Elio’s humour” at the event of yesterday, it was more comedy than a concert and of course could not be missed the presence of the very acclaimed “Mangoni”, more than once showing with very funny customs.

Than the song about the “milza”(spleen) – because they want us believe is not important but is not true!- and then -mi ha detto mio cuggino che da bambino una volta è morto- (my cousin said when was a child died once) from the very hilarious song “Mio cuggino”.
The gig finishes with an explosion of applauses and all members of the band bowing as after an opera at the sound of “Vincerò” and taking selfies of them with the crowd of fans in the back.
I really hope to repeat such an experience soon, those are the things making me nostalgic about home.




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