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Created for people who love music

About Gimme The Sound

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It’s very easy

Sign up, complete your profile with all your info (wich sounds tools, favourites groups, all your compositions or albums, photo, etc). Search the instrument that you need to complete your composition or just for play covers. You can also search following your music style. Choose the musician, send a message to him, forward your music file and… let’s rock!

About Gimme The Sound

Created for people who love music.

We offer you the possibility to create new sounds through the connection of various users around the world. You have the possibility to exchange sound files you have played or sung. This way you can enrich and arrange your work, thanks to the instrumental skills of others who provide their contribution to the piece, finally completing your original song with your own and others sounds! Thanks to all that, you can create new unpublished musical compositions or reinterpret simple covers of your idols.

Are you a music lover or one of those who never moved away from his headphones ? Well , share your passion with us about everything related to music, such as reports , reviews , live concerts , facts of the latest sounds. Furthermore, give your opinion and advice to other users on their new compositions or cover, made of sound mixtures.

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